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21st Century Learning for the EFL Class
A Hands-on Workshop on how to Introduce 21st Century Learning into the EFL Class

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin and 10th Anniversary of the ESL Language Center. We decided to offer a hands on workshop blended experience to introduce and model the paradigm shift necessary to enter into 21st Century learning and teaching for the EFL class at university level. Doris Molero de Martins , Nellie Deutsch and Arlines Rodriguez will be hostessing the different activities for this adventure.

Also this learning adventure was inspired by the work of a group of dedicated enthusiastic educators called "Webheads in Action", a 10-year-old community of practice of language teachers worldwide, coordinated by Vance Stevens. WIA explore Web communication tools and share the best ways of using them in teaching practices, engaging with students in virtual classes, collaborating on projects, and participating in conferences as audience and presenters.

On this opportunity, our dear friend Nellie Deutsch offered to help us to connect Webheads in Action (WIA) and educators from the world to a group of teachers in Maracaibo, Venezuela. This adventure resulted in the creation on what's
happening in this wiki.... learning in a more natural way by experimenting, trying things out with the help of caring tutors (mentors) that love what they do best ┬ĚTEACH.

So, this wiki will serve the purpose of uniting efforts, fears and joys, discovery, and amazement in this serendipity of learning to integrate web 2.0 tools into the EFL/ESL Class.

Feel free to join the adventure....