Challenge 1

A warm hug to everybody! This is our first challenge. Are you ready? This is sort of a are supposed to read and answer these questions... You decide where to post it... it can be in your blog in our ning or in your own blog or wherever it is that you write your reflections down... another thing... text... you can use any kind of text you like, audio, images, video, you can use any tool you like... all you have to do is to let us all know where your answers these are the questions: (these questions were proposed by our dear friend Buthaina.. she's very good at making questions... that's a talent in my opinion I don't have......thanks god we are among very talented people)

Questions for discussion:
1. What is learning?
2. Which learning methods and approaches should we use for our 21st century classroom?
3. What kind of learning cultures do we need to create or adapt for our 21st century classroom?
4. How to encourage and support creativity, productivity, and performance in our classrooms?
5. What is informal learning? And does it really work in the EFL classroom? How do we implement it?
6. How to assess informal learning or e learning in general?

Now, our dear friend Dennis already answer these questions. he was the one that inspire this challenge. You can read them here http://integrating-technology. technology-how-do-you

Well, this is our first challenge... Looking forward to read, watch or listen to all those answers.....

where's your challenge posted it?